We apply a tailored package based on each customer's specific needs.

1. Introduction

During our introductory call, the objective is to learn about your organization. We cover the following points:

  • What’s your mission? What are your goals?
  • What’s your current and desired impact?
  • What are your pain points…what have you tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked and what have you done to address this?
  • What does your current customer base look like? What is your retention rate?

We provide a questionnaire asking about many of the questions in the introductory conversation but in more detail. Providing a data file of current donors or customers is also helpful for building a new list.

2. Prospect Modeling

We develop a plan based on the program you choose and the unique characteristics of the organization’s mission. CVIC is powered by Bonfire which is in essence a warehouse of over 3 billion data points on adult-age consumers in the United States, with tens of millions more points added every month.

With Bonfire, we can measure the likelihood of individual consumer behavior. We can monitor issue awareness, issue affinity, and the likelihood of donating. This means we can pinpoint individual consumers who are most likely to donate to your organization.

As part of our modeling, we will gauge consumer response to specific marketing messages or themes and preferences for online or offline giving.

* Donors and customers are not all alike. In most cases there will be multiple donor models and marketing messages, each geared to reach a target group.


Identified Targets for Campaign

3. Custom Prospect Lists

We create multiple targeted lists—unique to different marketing messages and based on the probability that prospects will take action.

When a prospect model is created, current donor contact information is entered in our database. We then enter names we to find information including but not limited to:

1. Voter file data – Age, Gender, Party Affiliation, voting history, and Census data (detailed ethnic data, family structure, immigration, key local industries).

2. Consumer data – Organic Food Purchases, Charitable Giving, Pro Wrestling Fan, Wine Lover, Heavy Junk Food Eater, Hunting, Fishing, Cat/Dog Owner, Sports Fans, PBS Donor,Online Gamer, etc.

3. Demographic data – Education, Income, Race, Religion, Marital Status, Social Science Data  (local health data, crime rates, unemployment, inequality and social mobility, pollution, migration, religious institutions and affiliations).

4. Prospect Outreach

Working with you, CVIC can develop an outreach program complete with a series of marketing messages geared to reach your recommended target audience. We enable you to reach out directly to those on the list via text message, or email—and identify which prospects to target first.

Using our platform, you can contact these individuals directly, directing them to a specific link to donate online or directly through text.