Financial Expansion

The expansion of Wells Fargo’s global money transfer service to nine new countries needed national promotion for an international effect.

When Wells Fargo announced the expansion of its global money transfer service, ExpressSend, to nine new countries in Latin America, it was looking to increase awareness and usage of the service. In comparison to its competitors, Wells Fargo had little name recognition among the U.S. Hispanic population, despite its position as the first American bank to offer such extensive remittance capabilities at highly competitive rates. To build awareness and connect with Hispanic target audiences, CVIC developed a comprehensive national and international media relations strategy for the ExpressSend launch campaign, which, as an added benefit, also boosted the brand’s other financial offerings with this growing market.


  • Targeted U.S. Spanish-language media outlets as well as Latin American news outlets throughout the nine countries benefitting from the expansion of the company’s global remittance services
  • Generated over 30 million impressions in the year-long campaign and increased the number of Wells Fargo news placements by more than 300%
  • Garnered media placements in top-tier outlets including CNN, Univision and Reuters, as well as significant international coverage — all of which created a positive cascade effect among smaller publications
  • Implemented continuous strategic media outreach that facilitated relationships between the news media and Wells Fargo, resulting in increased name recognition among the U.S. Hispanic population for both ExpressSend and the company’s general banking services

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