A Digital Education

The National Association of Broadcasters faced a big challenge to educate consumers across the country about the upcoming digital television transition.

The National Association of Broadcasters, the industry trade association for local television and radio stations across the country, was seeking to educate the public about the upcoming digital television transition (DTV). The “DTV switch” would change broadcast television from an analog-based signal to a digital signal, increasing both the number of channels available and the quality of the broadcast. At the same time, this switch would free up space on the broadcast “spectrum” to help improve the quality of other services such as mobile phone reception and GPS systems. CVIC established universal awareness among the U.S. consumer audience with a special connection to those deemed to be disproportionately affected by the transition — minorities, seniors and those with disabilities — to ensure a smooth switch.


  • Created a nationwide, community-based speakers bureau and organized more than 8,000 local public education events around the country
  • Developed a comprehensive web-based campaign and local broadcast public service announcements for both television and radio
  • Established a coalition of organizations ranging from broadcasters, cable television providers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and trade associations to help perpetuate the message of the “switch” and communicate the details consumers needed to successfully transition onto the digital platform
  • Translated collateral materials, websites and public service announcements into 60 languages, including braille, to help ensure that minorities, seniors and those with disabilities were well informed
  • Raised awareness of the DTV transition taking it from 31% to 97% in just 19 months, with Latino audience awareness levels increasing from 25% to 97%
  • Generated an average of 225,000 visitors per month to the DTV website and over one billion dollars in airtime from radio and television outlets

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