PR With a Heart

The American College of Cardiology used big data to help lower the big costs of treating heart conditions.

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) sought to position itself as a thought leader in lowering the cost of treating heart conditions using its vast database of treatment and prevention statistics. Through an aggressive PR and social media plan, we leveraged ACC’s extensive data registries and treatment protocol to communicate cardiologists’ success in reducing heart-related health care costs. Connecting with leaders in the medical community, decision-makers in D.C., state governments, the news media and consumers, the campaign demonstrated cardiologists’ strategic use of medical science, data analysis and health care technology for improved results.


  • Packaged news and data-based content for consumer consumption
  • Provided media training for ACC spokespersons to ensure camera-ready confidence
  • Placed hundreds of op-eds, letters to the editor and stories featuring local cardiologists in major daily newspapers
  • Secured numerous national broadcast placements, including ACC’s CEO co-hosting MSNBC’s Dr. Nancy with The Washington Post health care reporter
  • Established ACC’s online identity with the creation of social media platforms and a heart-related health care blog
  • Earned ACC further recognition in the Columbia Journalism-Review article, “The Cost of Living: How the Cardiologists Used the Press”

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