Amplify & Empower.

Amplifying your voice with legislators is easier said than done.
How do you find more people willing to lend their voices to your fight?

Whether it’s signing a petition, writing a letter or making a call, ActionRAYSE can help. Part of the FundRayse platform, ActionRAYSE was developed to help you reach the right people in the right way to encourage them to take action.

Our platform is powered by Bonfire, a warehouse of over 3 billion data points on adult-age consumers in the United States. We can measure the likelihood of individual consumer behavior—monitoring issue awareness, issue affinity, and the likelihood of taking action. We then pinpoint consumers who are most likely to assist your organization.

How It Works:

  1. Introductory call to get an understanding of your issue, desired action and timing
  2. A custom model is developed pinpointing those most likely to support you in your fight. We also can provide over 100 off-the-shelve models complete with contact information.
  3. The list of likely supporters is now available for you to take action. Actions could include.
  • Texting directly from our platform with a link to your call to action. Our text messaging follows all federal guidelines.
  • Uploading cell phone numbers to Facebook or other social media for targeted advertising
  • Export lists for use by mail house or phone bank


ActionRAYSE offers options including flat fee and pay-per-action.